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January 23, 2017

Jennifer and Michael was a very fun couple during their engagement session in Jupiter, Florida. I had a blast photographing these two love birds. We settled on the Riverbend Park as the engagement location. This park offers so many different looks and options around the woods. Jennifer and Michael were willing to go into the woods to capture the essence of their personalities.

Once we reached the depth of the woods, part of our session was interrupted by wild deer eating. Although I was afraid of the deer. They were not really afraid of us, until we got a little to close. I was the chicken during the shoot. Jennifer and Michael thought it was very cool.

I love the look on Jennifer’s face every time Michael looks at her. You will see this in the photos below, he cracks her up all the time. The chemistry and love they share was evident throughout their session. I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in October in Port Saint Lucie.  We have some out of the box ideas for their wedding day.
Happy couple hugging
happy couple embracing
Girl standing infront of guy smiling
guy leaning on rail with girl
couple kissing
girl and guy sitting in park
couple in park hugging
guy and girl kissing
woman laughing at man
engagement ring, hugging guy
engagement photo of couple
engagement picture of a couple in the park
guy and girl holding each other in the park
girl hugging guy in the park smiling
man kissing woman ring
engaged couple in a park holding each other
woman smiling at a man in the park
Beautifu woman in the park
Man sitting on a bench in the park
engagement pictures kissing in the park
couple in the park kissing
guy holding girl on the ground in the park
man touching woman nose


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